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Life Of Village

Life Of Village

893744_306003259528520_759532102_oThe village life in Pakistan has its own beauty of charm; it is comprised of so rich and wonderful traditions and values. Of course the outer cut of the village life is that it is simple and people are conservative but still they have their own individuality which makes them so beautiful to be notices.

Most of the villages In Pakistan from whatever province they belong mostly the culture, values and traditions are same but still every village has its own distinctive life style. In some villages in Pakistan the only profession of the people is farming and later they sell them for cash. There are some other villages where people do painting, pottery or some other home based work of art is made .They have the beauty of their own and when in any festivals people gather from the villages of all the provinces the differences between them and the feeling of affiliation towards each other is clearly visible,

Chowkandi – Atristic city of dead-Karachi:

Chowkandi tombs were built for Jokhio & Baloch tribes, from 15th to 18th Century A.D. Chowkandi means 4 Corners.Tombs are rectangle in shape, generally 2&half feet wide, 5-8 feet long and 4-14 feet high. Geometric designs covering on tombs are extraordinary & delicasy of carving gives impression of wood carving. Same desings can be seen in textile, wood, jewellary in Sind province.

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